Notes/Responses from Hypertext Week

After the night we discussed hypertext, Romrigo talked about some things we had wanted to make sure were explicitly covered. Our notes are below:

  1. Narrative works in both the narrative you bring to the text and the narrative in the text (the narrative the text creates) when talking hypertext (functional vs literary).

  2. Assertions underlying the “hypertext is good!” cheerleading are still in place today. These theories are one pivotal place where they formed.

  3. Hypertext theories help make meaning between connections in nodes; this gets at directionality, velocity, and movement (and prefigures rhetorical velocity).

  4. Pay attention to what/how/why there are observers of a network versus what/why/how something/one is moving through a network.

  5. The observer is/may be a subject with agency that is different than the subjects as nodes and/or moving with/in the network. Understanding these differences creates different ways of playing with text.

  6. We imagined, and need to make more explicit to some?, that the framework of class is to apply the major questions (syllabus, case study) upon the different readings. Not every theory will be ultra explicit and address every question; but that is OK.

  7. NEW Question (we’ve added it to the case study list of questions): What is moving within the network?


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