How Stuff Works? Reading & Activity Assignment

  1. Select an “area” of readings

  2. “Read” in your area (areas w/two students should break up the assignments). You should plan to read at least 5-7 separate articles associated with your area.

  3. Design and Develop your Reading Presentations; there are three components to your presentation:

    1. Organized Blog Entry/Notes (separate from your reading notes for the week). Your Blog Entry/Notes should include the following types of information:

      1. Content:

        • key terms/concepts w/definitions and/or descriptions
        • how/why important to field/understanding of “networks”
        • works cited list
      2. Format:

        • hyperlink to resources and/or discussions
        • embed resources
        • include a representative image/visualizations (at least two; be sure to include citations for your images)
        • embedded/linked activity that teaches and engages readers with the material (see below for more details)
    2. Five minute class presentation (you can speak from your blog entry/notes and/or develop a separate presentation). We will stop you at 5 minutes; be sure to practice!

      • In what ways does your topic create, facilitate and/or function in a network?
      • What are the affordances and limitations to your topic’s ability to form/facilitate/function in a network?
    3. Asynchronous Learning Activity for your classmates (that will take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete). Submit your instructions for the asynchronous activity HERE. Be creative! Remember, they are “do to learn” activities.

      • multiple choice activity (Google Forms)
      • mindmap activity (Popplet)
      • discussion activity (Google Docs)
      • Draw/Visualization activity (Google Drawing; upload handsketched images)


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  1. Leslie January 20, 2014 6:22 pm #

    Is there anything specific you want us to tag this with?

    • rrodrigo January 20, 2014 8:20 pm #

      “Tag” stuff based on your content. Just make sure everything is “categorized” with ENGL894 (esp. if your blog is more than this class)

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