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PFF Goals

I have to admit that I’m taking this class, at least in part, because I was asked to take it! However, I’m becoming keenly aware on a daily basis that the life of a scholar and faculty member is more than just teaching and research. The focus on service, the expectations for committee membership and activity, the advising responsibilities, and publication and presentation responsibilities — all of these are relatively new to me, despite spending by entire professional career in academic settings (public high school and university). As an adjunct professor, have the benefit of being able to teach without being required to publish — but the flip side is that I receive little support and few funds to pursue real and significant professional development.

As a result, I am seeking to improve my professional development plan, develop a clearer philosophy of teaching, and focus on specific skills and abilities that will help me contribute to whatever department I join — even if that department remains the marketing team here at the School of Professional and Continuing Studies!