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5th Daily Create Challenge_October 09

Last Daily Create challenge for me to do. Woohoo! So today’s prompt is: “That @jimgroom (and @paulbond) are running ‘Wire106′, all about TV drama ‘The Wire’. They love that show. Bless ‘em. Describe ‘The Wire’ in a way that is almost entirely lies. Aim to entirely confuse any person who hasn’t seen ‘The Wire’. If *you* haven’t seen the wire DON’T LOOK IT UP!”

And here goes my response:

“There are no kings in America, no lives to be lost, no games to be played, and no wars to be won. Every child you see on these pretty little streets, they are all going to have a damn fine life. So what need have we to be afraid when justice will always be served? What need have we to fear from the night or the day when there are no monsters left in hiding? The men and women serving this beautiful city, our peacekeepers, they always know what to do, how to help, and let us just be. Equality. Moderation. Compassion. There is only truth in this fine city. What you see is what you get, moving through these lighted streets. Money isn’t worth a life. Money just sits crumpled in our pockets, waiting to be spent on ponies and ice cream. We wage no wars in the streets because we know there are no wars to be fought, no wars to be won, and no tyrants to be taken down. What you see is what you get in every window that you pass. What you see is what you get, and only justice will be served.”


Finished this assignment like a boss! Sort of. Maybe. Image hosted on the website Panda Whale.

Finished this assignment like a boss! Sort of. Maybe. Image hosted on the website Panda Whale.

Not finished with the semester yet, so Edna needs to beat me back into productivity. Image hosted on Photobucket.

Not finished with the semester yet, so Edna needs to beat me back into productivity. Image hosted on Photobucket.

For your viewing pleasure

4th Daily Create Challenge_October 08

Okay, 4th Daily Create challenge, what perilous tasks lies ahead of me today? Well, the prompt is “Share an image that has something to do with guinea pigs. And how EVIL those deceptively cute balls of fluffy terror truly are.”

So what does my response look like?

evil guinea pig

Original Guinea Pig photograph (it’s so cute!) was uploaded by Marilyn-Ann. Original Bone Pile photograph was uploaded by Keith Putnam.

Every step takes us closer, but to where?

3rd Daily Create Challenge_October 07

Halfway through the five day Daily Create challenge. Now, onward! Today’s prompt is “@DrGarcia posted 26 Beatnik Slang Words and Phrases We Should All Start Using. Create a radio bumper for DS106 radio that uses as many as you can make make sense in a short radio bumper.”

I used the Android app “Type and Speak,” giving my response a robot flair in which “aye-balling” (the Android way of saying “eyeballing”) meets Beatnik slang:


You have a long way to go, my pet


2nd Daily Create Challenge_October 06

All right, so I made it to my second Daily Create Challenge. Glorious, no? Yes, I know that I am the only one totally thrilled with this. Anyways, the challenge for today was to create a letterhead. Mine is not an official letterhead, but I thought my dog Chico would look dashing splashed across the top of a Word document.

Letterhead_Daily Create Challenge 2-page-001

Welcome, Monday, We Have Work to Do

1st Daily Challenge_September 29_A Piraty Kind of Exercise

For my New Media class, one of our assignments is to complete Daily Create challenges (for five days in a row starting whenever we start). I meant to do the one from yesterday, which looked like a lot of fun as it was making a picture out of string, but alas, I started today. The challenge for today was to write about something unexpected that was stolen by pirates (let’s just say I couldn’t resist the topic). Hopefully, tomorrow’s challenge isn’t mind-boggling.

Prompt for September 29, 2014: What did the pirates take – remember, it was an unexpected item!

My response:

It was another blistering day along the coast, with the winds out to sea and into a roiling storm in the east. We should not have been there, spying as we were from behind the sea grapes, but rumors of pirates spreads fast in our village and we were never ones to turn down a chance for adventure. But what we saw, it made no sense. Yes, the pirates were there, with the ship moored in deeper waters and rowboats aplenty lining the shore. They should have been an impressive sight, clothed as they were in the most expensive finery we had ever seen as if they had come ashore to celebrate, but instead they scrabbled about the sand, cursing and picking at pebbles. Their captain was red faced and shouting at a brute of a man, who was hunched as if the words assaulted more than his ears, more than his pride. They had come thinking our sands were golden with treasure, the captain shouted, lured by the words of a sea witch whose lies had reached his first mate. If they could not gather treasure, they would gather pebbles instead and bury the sea witch in depths so dark that even the sharks would not be able to descend upon her to feed. We watched until sundown, in confusion, in amusement, and in fear. We watched until sundown as all the shore’s pebbles were rowed back to the ship and sailed away into the night.

Even Small Tasks Should Have Music