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Hypertext Theory MindMap

Hypertext Mindmap CroppedTo map hypertext theory this week, I created three nodes off of a new central node called “Hypertext Theory.” The first node from this new primary node was called “The Library in the Digital Age.” I felt that archives play a very important role in hypertext theory, and therefore they need to be explored. The first branch from the library node was labeled “electronic archives as a caesura.” From this node I added two nodes that explore Joyce’s ideas about what this caesura allows: for us to “reflect on where we are,” and it “exposes a moment of change.” I added a node linked to both of these nodes to show that these things lead to the emergence of a new mind. The second node from the library node was “error and wander.” The third node focused on Joyce’s critique of megastores and what they cannot offer that local digital archives can.

The second node from the primary hypertext theory node was labeled “Intertextuality.” I used this as an opportunity to reflect on the conflict between printed text and hypertext. Print lovers seem distrustful of community and the future, while intersexuality actually seems more natural than print.

Finally, I created a node from the Hypertext Theory node to include a few key ideas from the Johnson-Eilola piece that really stood out to me. These included elements central to the definition and behavior of hypertexts.