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To Death or Glory Do All Maps Lead

Oh Pirate Storm, what to say about you? A land of open waters, dotted with islands, giant crabs, Sea Rats, William’s Guard, and players’ ships existing in a world dislodged from historical context. How to talk about seas where the waves do not roll under the fierce gales that sweep out before the approaching hurricanes? How to meticulously linger in a world where the sun never sets, the moon never rises, and the taverns are just a point-and-click, point-and-click away in harbors unconnected to towns?

Best to start with that which leads all players to their destinations. In a world where everything is a set of coordinates within sets of squares, the map will always guide the player to the wharf. It is not often that we think of maps as technology, or the pen that traced its geographical contours, or the alphabet and the symbols that compose its legend, and yet maps are still a technology, long before Google Earth changed how we viewed our world. Linked together as a rope, the “zones” of Pirate Storm exist on a map, aptly titled “World Map,” and within each zone are squares littered with dots for ships and enemies, islands, and an anchor symbol that identifies the (only?) harbor located in that particular zone. However, the World Map and Zone Maps are not the only ones; Bonus Maps become available, modeled much like the zone maps but filled with rampaging enemies (as compared to the more passive enemies who only engage in harpoon warfare when struck first). While the world and zone maps are static, a smaller map appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, letting players see but a smidgen of the watery world they are expected to traverse.

Just a Taste of the Grand: