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Delagrange Presentation

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4/21: Wunderkammer Survey

To prepare for the presentation on Technologies of Wonder by Susan Delagrange, I have prepared a brief survey of sorts.

Spend a few moments examining as many of the following images as you feel compelled to look at for whatever images engage your sense of wonder.

These are images of Wunderkammer. This German word is translated literally as "wonder-room." It is the term applied to any collection of curiosities, oddities, or rare items generally stored in a cabinet or room. But we'll talk more about that Monday...

For now, let's check out the images:

Image from Wikipedia Curiosity Cabinet

Image from Wikipedia Curiosity Cabinet

Image from Jere Smith

Great! Now, spend another minute or two allowing yourself to wonder.

What do you want to know more about?

Survey Process:

  1. Think of a question or two you would want to ask about Wunderkammer.
  2. Google it to see what you can find out.
  3. Find a graphic that represents the answer.
  4. Send an email to with your question and image.
  5. Try to relax while you wait for the thrilling results on Monday.
Thanks for participating!